NASA afflicted MCAs have voted to kick out Majority Whip Alfayo Ngeresa after he defended former Majority Leader Duke Masira.

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Mr. Masira was kicked out in December when at least 11 NASA MCAs voted against him, accusing him of abuse of office.

But a dissatisfied Ngeresa wrote to ODM party denying knowledge of the changes, which had been acknowledged by his deputy Lilian Nyamweya.

However, NASA MCAs have since punished the Majority Whip, accusing him of internal sabotage and "lack of focus".

"We have made the changes and he had to go. We voted him in but he has proved unworthy. We have replaced him," said George Morara, Kemera MCA on Thursday.

According to details obtained by reporters, 14 MCAs voted to kick out Ngeresa, who is serving his second term on Ford Kenya.

His position has since been taken by Manga MCA Enock Okero of Kenya National Congress party.

"I will serve diligently in that position. I am glad that my colleagues have trusted me in this journey," he told reporters on Thursday.

The ODM party acknowledged ouster of Mr. Duke Masira, who has since been replaced by Raban Masira as the Majority Leader.