Nakuru, the fourth largest town in the country has numerous hotels and resorts where one can choose to spend a night or couple of nights with family or as an individual.

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However, just like Nairobi or anywhere else, the hotels have different prices and conditions. Since most people love cheaper accommodation, here is a list of three cheap but classic hotels in Nakuru;

1. Abbey Resort and Hotel

It is located along General Kariba Road,  Nakuru town.

The hotel offers elegantly furnished rooms and what makes it more enjoyable is that the rooms are soundproof, with TVs, worktables, sofas and cost-free Wi-Fi.

It costs Sh4,200 for a night inclusive of special breakfast that can be taken outdoors. 

Guests can visit nearest tourist sites like Lake Nakuru National Park, Menengai Crater and Hyrax Hill.

2. Mwaki-Mugi Hotel and Campsite

Located just 3.6 km away from Westside Mall, Mwaki-Mugi Hotel provides rooms and bar which are quite affordable.

The rooms are fitted with flat screen TVs, warm baths and pets are allowed. 

Children's playgrounds are also available for those who would travel with their kids. 

Prices start from Sh2000 a night while breakfast and other meals cost extra. 

Guests can also enjoy Wi-Fi at no cost.

3. Sleepway cottages

This is one of the cheapest but standard hotels in Nakuru town. 

The hotel features comfortable rooms with luxurious beds and worktables. 

The cost per night may differ depending on the booking agencies you choose. 

Direct booking cost stands at Sh2000 per night and can go up to Sh3500 with breakfast.

The hotel is located near Afraha Stadium next to Deliverance Church.