Renowned economist and socio-political commentator Dr David Ndii has weighed in on President Uhuru Kenyatta's order that rice prices to farmers be revised upwards.

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In a tweet on Saturday, Dr David Ndii poured scorn on the order, disparaging it as "roadside declarations."

He said the farmers are paid for paddy; rice that is still in the husk, and not the actual rice.

According to Dr Ndii, it takes 1.6 kilograms of paddy to yield a kilo of rice.

"These are called roadside declarations. I hope he knows what he is talking about because farmers are paid for paddy, not rice. (takes 1.6kg of paddy to get a kg of rice). 85/= that would translate to Sh136 per kg of rice, "the renowned economist wrote.

"Mwea rice is retailing at Sh150/kg, meaning paddy at Sh136 leaves Sh14 margin for processing transport, distribution. Untenable," he added.

The Head of State descended on Kirinyaga County on Saturday when he issued the order which will be implemented by the rice-buying institutions.

He directed that the price of a kilo of rice be moved from 70 shillings to 85 shillings.

President Kenyatta also ordered the institutions that buy rice in the country, to only buy the commodity from local farmers.

The order was, by and large, welcomed by the local farmers, with the  area governor saying the Head of State had won the hearts of the locals with the order.