What was meant to be a simple bank procedure turned chaotic leaving two people dead, in what could be related to poverty and illiteracy. 

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Nyamira County Commissioner Amos Mariba (pictured) confirmed the tragic death of Erick Kaloki, an employee at Kenya Women Finance Trust Fund, Ikonge and Mayaka Ndege, the supposed client.

"I am told two people have been killed at Nyamira North but I am yet to know exact details. I am just hearing it has something to do with a bank loan," he told reporters.

But Mr Fred Ombagi, a neighbor to the deceased bank employee, narrated the horrific ordeal that lead to the unprecedented deaths.

Mr Kaloki, he said, was confronted by Ndege, a client at the local microfinance branch, on supposed excesses paid to the bank.

Ndege's wife, Mr Ombagi told reporters, had allegedly paid excess to the bank on the loan owed but the husband wanted it back.

But during the confrontation,  Kaloki asked Ndege to report to the bank and fill some forms for refund of the money allegedly owed by the bank.

"The guy could not even get the simple instructions. He just got his panga and cut the employee into pieces in broad daylight," Ombagi said.

But Ndege's actions could not be spared by irate mob which pursued him to nearby tea bushes, killing him instantly.

"After commiting the crime, he rushed to a nearby tea bush but was lynched minutes later by angry mob," he added.

Police collected the lifeless bodies of the two victims, incidents which could have been prevented through mere understanding.