Bahati Member of Parliament,Kimani Ngunjiri is a vocal politician marred  with controversies. 

He is known for speaking his mind out without blinking his eye.

Despite being ardent Jubilee government supporter, he jibes the government and his party leader wherever he feels the government has made a wrong move.

On Jan 06, 2019 Ngunjiri shocked the country when he asked the president to step aside if he is unable to provide good leadership, in a recorded video that was circulating on social media platforms.

"It is Uhuru who said we will support Ruto for presidency 2020, he is the one who encouraged us to insult Raila, he ignited this fire and now he must put it off," Ngunjiri said.

Ngunjiri also challenged Uhuru Kenyatta to resign from Jubilee party to ODM party following a disagreement in Jubilee party over 2022 presidential elections.

After Uhuru Kenyatta's "washenzi" slur. Kimani Ngujiri started "Mimi ni mshenzi ''movement that was meant to express displeasure of them(central people) sidelined after being used for voting.

Ngunjiri is undoubtedly the fearless Jubilee MP who openly disagrees and dares his master