Dolichos, locally known as 'njahi' is a type of legume popular among the Kikuyu community. 'Njahi', which are a favourite among the community members, are also prepared during traditional ceremonies like weddings. However, have you ever thought of the benefits of eating these legumes? Here are four benefits of consuming njahi.

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1. Source of protein

'Njahi' are an excellent source of vegetarian protein. For people who cannot afford meat or those who are vegetarians, 'njahi' are a great substitute to provide you with proteins. 2. Source of insoluble fibre'Njahi' are rich in fibre. They make you feel full for a long period of time. Also, their fibre acts a pre-biotic which keeps good bacteria in the gut healthy. Their fibre also helps in improving digestion.3. Rich in antioxidants'Njahi' are very rich in flavonoids which acts as antioxidants. These flavonoids keep the body safe by fighting diseases and free radicals. 4. Helps the body detoxify'Njahi' are rich in a rare mineral called molybdenum. These mineral helps detoxify the body against acidic compounds (sulfites) that are commonly found in foods such as dried fruits, wines and certain types of vegetables.