Although in a statement the Al-Shabaab claimed that their attack at the riverside 14 Dusit was a revenge mission to the United States government for declaring Jerusalem the capital city for Israel, there is more that still remains unsaid.

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Trump's decision to name Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and moving the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has nothing to do with Kenya since the government of Kenya has not shown any support for Trump's decision and the Kenyan embassy is still based at Tel Aviv.

An investigation by the Kenyan police shows that two of the attackers come from Kiambu and Nyeri which means that although the terror group might have gone dormant for some time, the group is still very much active and continues to recruit more Kenyans.

The attack happening exactly three years since the deadly attack at the El Adde attack in Somalia, which saw Somali militia overrun an African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) army base on January 15, 2016, killing many soldiers proves that the group has been here and they never left.

In February last year, police reported that they had foiled a major attack in Nairobi after they arrested several armed suspects in Merti, Isiolo, as they headed to Nairobi.

But Kenya’s conflict with the terror group goes back 7 years ago when the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) went to Somalia in October 2011 after the terror group started targeting Kenyan installations and civilians.

The group has since been demanding that the Kenyan government withdraws its troops from Somalia. The recent attack leaves one wondering whether there is still bad blood between the terror group and Kenya.  

But in all this Kenya continues to remain resilient and unbowed.