Every man has the ability to attract women. However, there are those that are better placed than the others. 

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Such men won't have to struggle to get beautiful women thanks to their known life status. Here are three types of men who have lack with women;

1. The moneyed men

Money! It is well described as the worldwide language meaning anyone who has some good amount can communicate really well. 

True, because this applies to love and relationships. Men with money, or rather wealthy men are better placed to attract more women. 

They have the ability to provide monetary comfort which most women need. 

2. The liars

Although lying is condemned by many, there is a group of men who are good at this and they are among they types that role with beautiful women. 

They tell lies that women can hardly realize and funny enough, they get away with it. They win the women until later when they'll realize they've been deceived.

3. The smart and knowledged men

Such men are mostly found in universities and colleges.Girls in campus love to role around smart men who have knowledge appropriate for academic survival in these institutions.

As such, these men find them really easy such that they get to win their hearts with their knowledge while the girls enjoy academic assistance.