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Here's what killed Aden Duale's sister Arfon

Carson Jnr
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Aden Duale, Garissa Township at a past function [Source/Aden Duale]

Several months ago, the family of the National Assembly Majority Leader and Garissa Township Aden Duale was thrown into mournig. 

This followed the death of their sister Hoyo Arfon Bare Duale.

What later followed were hurried burial plans as per Islamic traditions. 

Arfon was laid to rest barely 24 hours after her demise.

However, what not many of Garissa residents knew is what killed her.

It can now be revealed that Arfon Duale died after months of battling with cancer. 

This was revealed by the vibrant Township MP via his social media page.

"Innalilahi wainaillahim raajun, may Allah have mercy on the soul of my sister Arfon Bare Duale after along illness (battling cancer)," Duale had posted on Twitter.

Ms Arfon was diagnosed with the lifestyle disease in March 2016 but had been undergoing rigorous chemotherapy sessions, both in Kenya and outside the country until his untimely demise in November, 2018.

The memory of the death of Aden Duale's sister reveals the pain that households go through after losing their loved ones to cancer.

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