In the newly released song titled 'Niacheni', Coast-based singer and songwriter, Otile Brown has hit at socialite Vera Sidika, his short time lovebird, with shocking information about their past relationship. 

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In the song, Otile describes Vera as a selfish and dishonest person whose motives for their relationship were never known. 

The singer has revealed information regarding the alleged abortion which Vera Sidika allegedly underwent to get rid of his (Otile Brown) child. 

In an opening verse, Otile quotes..."Maneno yanichoma moyo ila hayawezi kunizuia..." an expression which indicates the readiness to reveal something. 

He then follows with a rather direct revelation of the abortion claims which Kenyans may never have known ..."Usijifanye eti hujui tatizo mimba yangu ulioitoa...". 

With lyrical prowess and the need to share more details about their breakup, the singer goes ahead to shun the public - Kenyans on the social media platform- together with their falsified reports about their now ended relationship. 

The two began dating a while ago, took to social media to gloat about it, but the relationship took a wrong turn when Sidika deleted their Instagram photos.

Here's the link to the song.