Getting lost in Nairobi is so easy because of the different alleys and storey buildings. This usually makes it difficult for newbies to reach their destination.

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 It is usually advisable that when in this busy city and you don't know a place, refrain from asking for directions from some people since they will cheat you. 

Here are the best people to inquire for directions;

1. Watchmen

These people can be trusted. When you can't find your way out of town or when you need to reach a particular place like a commercial building or railways, always seek help from them. They will give you the correct directions. 

2. Old man/woman

You can also consider asking them about a particular place. However, not all of them can be trusted. There are some who will give you the wrong direction. It will be such a nice idea to ask one of them rather than asking a young man. 

3. The shopkeepers/vendors 

Don't panic, shopkeepers are there for you. Ask them the place you intend to visit and they will actually help you out. 

4. City askaris 

They are also known as 'kanjos'. On the off chance, you forget the direction, they are the best people to ask for direction.