Controversial Nairobi human rights activist Boniface Mwangi has exposed an insurance company he accuses of cheating him.

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In a lengthy post on his Facebook page, Mwangi narrated how AAR Insurance company declined to pay for his hospital bill after undergoing surgery. 

The activist had undergone the surgery at the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi after he was shot with a teargas canister at close range in 2017 which left him with a life-threatening injury.

Mwangi claims despite the insurance company promising to pay the bill, it later declined. 

"While still recuperating from the effects of the anaesthesia, the hospital administrator walked in with a letter that had been delivered by AAR, stating that they would not settle my bill. Still groggy, I tried to call my insurance agent to clarify. The person to whom we paid our premiums, Sam Ng’ethe, Business Manager AAR, wasn’t picking my wife’s calls," says Mwangi in part of the post

He further cautions Kenyans that they are just a few metres away from poverty due to some insurance companies. 

Mwangi noted that insurance companies charge high premiums while promising heaven only for them to distance themselves from their promises once the covered risk has occurred. 

"Health insurance companies in Kenya take our personal health for granted, especially when people with valid medical covers are denied healthcare, making you poor if you fall ill, in that, you would have paid the cover every month, amount of money that would not help you," he noted.