Residents of Nyamataro in Kisii town have raised concern over live non-insulated power lines which have been invaded by tree branches.

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Speaking to Hivisasa at the site on Friday evening, residents said the branches have grown to an extent of coiling the live wires completely, posing a risk to connected houses.

"Look at that branch, the wire has passed in through them. The cables are not covered and it is really dangerous. Power usually sparks when it is raining with some wind. We are tenants here and we cannot manage to remove them because already they are in contact with the wires. I don't know if Kenya Power officers really inspect their power lines regularly," said Daniel Ombasa a tenant.

                Section of a live power line passing through tree branches in Kisii [Source/Geoff Gichana] 

"Once a line is installed, tested and approved, it is powered, period! Of regular inspections, I doubt they do. What they usually do is repairs on demand. I have never seen them KPLC inspecting power lines as required instead when they should inspect they usually assume all is well," said Joshua Makori.

According to Tree care Industry Association, Tree limbs can conduct electricity. When trees grow near overhead electrical wires, they can contact the wires and become energized.

      Section of a live power line passing through tree branches in Kisii [Source/Geoff Gichana] 

Trees and wires are dangerous, full of electrical power that can injure or kill humans. There are several things that can go wrong for do-it-yourself trying to trim tree branches.

The Kisii Kenya Power regional sales manager Mr Mang’era Moronge told Hivisasa in a text message that the issue has been noted and will be worked on