A Nyanza politician is selling his testicles to pay his bills. 

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A former aspirant for Member of County Assembly (MCA) from Uriri Constituency in Migori County, Ian-Harriel Kowiti has declared that he is officially broke.

The politician has now advertised his testicles for sale for Sh500, 000 to rescue himself a financial crisis.

Kowiti has confessed that he cannot pay his bills and selling his testicles is the only way he can generate money to sustain himself. 

The politician, who hails from Uriri Constituency in Migori County, unsuccessfully contested for the MCA seat as an independent candidate. 

He also said that he is ready to sell his kidney for Sh. 1.5 million. 

He, however, said that he will ask for more if he finds a client from the international market. 

He said that he doesn’t see any sense having two testicles when he can make money from the same and use one of them.

“What is the need of having two of them (testicles) dangling between my legs if I can still do the job perfectly with just one?” Kowiti said during an interview as quoted by Standard.

Research shows that a man can live with one kidney on the condition that he or she maintains a healthy lifestyle. 

Kowiti is ready to sell his in order to solve his woes.