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Why you should always keep your kitchen sink clean

Jasmine Die'rre
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How often do you make sure that you never leave your sink dirty?

This is something that most people don’t adhere to.

A large percentage of people collect all the used utensils after meals and pile them in the sink for hours, without bothering to wash them. They only decide to wash these dirty utensils when they have run out of dishes.

This is something that people should try as much as possible to avoid.

This is because leaving the kitchen dirty comes with a lot of health risks.

Here are some of the things likely to happen when you leave your kitchen sink dirty:

1. Blockage of drainage pipe

When you leave the kitchen sink dirty for a long period, the drainage system is likely to block. 

This is because the accumulation of dirt will merge hence end up blocking the passage.

2. Attract insects 

Dirty kitchen sinks will automatically attract insects like cockroaches in your home.

This is because insects love dirty places, and a dirty sink is automatically regarded as a dirty place.

3. Bad smell

Another effect of a dirty kitchen sink in the house is a bad smell around the house.

When one leaves the kitchen sink dirty for a long time, the dirt in the sink decomposes hence resulting in a bad smell.

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