18 students who are yet to finish their national exams were yesterday detained for hours at the chief’s office for sneaking out of the school compound.

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The students who are from Kobola secondary school in Wang’chieng location in Rachuonyo North Sub County are said to have gone to attend a dancing party in the neighbouring Kobuya location.

The group which consists of 16 boys and two girls from Wang’chieng location in Rachuonyo north Sub County is reported to have silently sneaked out of the school on Saturday night.

The chief noted that the students placed the ladder on the fence and used it for climbing out of the school compound. 

‘’The candidates used a wooden ladder that enabled them escape from school,’’  Wang’chieng’ location Chief Peter Angunga was quoted by Citizen Digital.

The administrator also told the media that after the students had finished the dancing party, they went and spent the rest of the night at a home in Wang’chieng’ village that belonged to one of them.

After members of concerned members of the public found out about the students, they reported the matter right away to the chief’s office.

It has been established that all candidates have gone back to school and now sitting for their remaining papers