Following the reports that a former KCSE student from Mandera county has gone missing for over a week now, fresh details have emerged on his whereabouts.

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Ahmed Ali, a former student at Elimu Bora secondary in Mandera county is said to have disappeared from his home on Tuesday last week after informing his father that he was visiting a friend.

According to Abldulatiff Salim, Ali's paternal uncle, he last saw Ali on the fateful Tuesday at Mandera town talking with a bearded Somali man unknown to him. 

However, what he did not know is the fact that Ali would be reported missing thereafter.

Accounts from some Mandera town residents indicate that a police land cruiser was spotted the same Tuesday allegedly 'unusually hovering' at around 7 pm. 

A bodaboda operator who opted to remain anonymous revealed that he saw a youthful man being whisked into the police vehicle, though he could not confirm if the victim was Ahmed Ali because he doesn't know him at a personal level.

"I saw a man being forced into a police car at around 7 pm. I don't know which crime the man had committed. Immediately the man was in, the vehicle disappeared," revealed the bodaboda operator.

What now remains unclear is whether Ahmed Ali's disappearance is among the many cases of enforced police abductions.