Pregnancy is the hardest period in the life of a woman. You have to deal with all the mood swings, avoiding your best meals, smells and throwing up at times.

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Among the difficult situations, a woman has to endure during pregnancy is sleeping. You keep tossing and rolling in bed all night long. There are some tips that can help you have some good night's sleep while pregnant.

1. Do some exercise

Some simple exercises are good when one is pregnant. They make you improve your posture, reduce your heart rate and improve your mood. Exercise helps you have good sleep at night.

2. Avoid heavy meals at night

While pregnant, you can either have appetite or lose it. If at all your pregnancy makes you have this huge appetite, eat as much as you can but at night, while having your supper, eat a light meal for you to sleep better.

3. Use a pillow while sleeping

Pillows are also supposed to be your friend during this period. This is applicable usually during the second trimester. You can have one in between your legs and one to rest your head on. This will give you the best sleep ever.