Duncan Duane Hunter, a member of the United States of America House of Representatives, is set to plead guilty to an array of charges relating to misuse of funds.

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In an exclusive interview with CNN, the embattled legislator said he had decided to change his plea to guilty.

"I think its important that people know that I did make mistakes. I did not properly monitor or account for my campaign money," Hunter said as quoted by CNN.

"I am responsible for my campaign and what happens to my campaign money. I think it is important not to have a trial for three reasons and those three reasons are my kids," he added.

According to prosecutors, Hunter illegally misappropriated campaign funds amounting to around 200,000 US dollars, on expensive vacations and video games, charges he had long denied until Monday.

The New York Times reported that the legislator was also accused of using part of the campaign money to fund extramarital affairs including a relationship with a member of his staff.

An investigation has found that Duncan Hunter's family was deep in financial trouble.

His change of plea comes months after his wife pleaded guilty to knowingly and willingly using campaign funds for personal benefit, Axios reported.