Mobile phones have made communication fast and easy. One only needs to make a call or send a text and have his or her wishes done. 

These are some essential numbers one must have in his or her phonebook:


Some people prefer living private lives with zero association with their neighbours either due to snobbish behaviours of their neighbours or because of their anti-social characters. 

However, one needs to have at least one or two phone numbers of friendly neighbours they can call in case of any emergencies.

2.Boda-boda man

Boda-bodas are accessible anytime; they can pick and drop you at your doorstep. 

Having a phone number of your regular boda-boda guy is not a bad idea. 

Simply dial his number, and have your child gets picked from school when you are stuck in traffic, and get yourself ferried to and from town when matatus strike.

3.Your child's class teacher

With a busy schedule at work and little time for your child, having the phone number of your child's class teacher is a big deal. 

You can always dial the number and know your child's behaviour at school, his or her performance and discuss any relevant issues about your child's progress academically, morally and socially.


You are rushing home from work, and suddenly your car engine goes off. 

A quick scroll on your phonebook and dialling the mechanic who regularly services your car will save you time.

5.Emergencies number

Fires, accidents, theft and sickness are sometimes inevitable; they strike when least expected. 

Having the Red Cross, police, firefighters and ambulance contact numbers is necessary for quick responses during emergencies.

If you don't have one, make a point of having it.