DK Kwenye Beat is a Kenyan gospel artist born in Kangundo in Machakos County.

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His real name is David Kilonzo, this explains why he calls himself DK.

DK is popularly known as the singer behind hit songs like 'Furifuri', 'Sarisari' and 'Asusu', among others.

Here are some of the things you didn't know about the gospel star:

1. Grew up in Kayole

"I spent most of my childhood days at Kayole in Nairobi Eastlands, that's why they call me kijana wa Kayole (Kayole youth)," says DK.

2. He has been a Christian since his tender age but backslid in high school.

He later rededicated his life to God.

"No one is righteous, so sometimes we all mess," he said.

3. Started his music career in 2004 but became famous in 2009 after releasing the "Angalia Juu" hit.

"When in primary school at class seven in Komarock primary, I used to attend Sunday classes at Komarock Covenant Centre in Komarock and would sing nicely," he explains.

4. Had afro hair before dreadlocks

5. His first hustle that made him cash was printing.

6. His biggest fear is failing.

7. He gets butterflies before he performs on stage.

8. He faced a lot of challenges, especially when starting his music career.

"Nobody could take me seriously. It was hard for me because nobody knew me as an artist," DK explains.

The artist says he lacked resources to record his music and airplay.