Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo now wants Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji to pursue persons behind a viral letter linking him to Akasha brothers' drug case.

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A letter dated August 27, 2019 purportedly from the Interpol claimed Kabogo and other high profile Kenyans were being sought after they were mentioned in witnesses' testimonies, affidavits and confessions in drug trafficking case facing Baktash Akasha, Ibrahim Akasha and Vijayghiri Goswami alias Vijay Goswami. 

The DPP on Friday dismissed the list, indicating his office has not officially received the letter being shared across social media platforms.

"PLEASE NOTE. The DPP Noordin Haji has not received the following letter circulating on social media purported to have been written by Interpol containing a list of wanted Kenyans for adversely being mentioned in the Akashas' drug case," the Office of DPP tweeted.

Reacting to the sentiments, Kabogo said Haji needs to do more than just denouncing the letter by apprehending the authors and distributors of the list he claims if fake.

In a Facebook post, the flamboyant politician said if the DPP was not up to task he should let all those mentioned to take law into their own hands.

"Dismissing is not enough. It’s criminal to distribute such material. CALL FOR THE ARREST OF THOSE INVOLVED. that’s what happens in countries that are guided by the rule of law. And if not let us know so we/and or I can defend myself as in the rule of the jungle," Kabogo posted.