Kamba women love being in relationships with their men. These women believe in love and you can’t change them easily. There are signs these women show out whenever they are tired of you with your love. 

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Here are three of them:

1. Blocks you on social media

Social media is one of the platforms people use to communicate with their loved ones. A Kamba woman who is tired of your love will simply block you on all the social sites. This means she will freely post her activities on the social sites without your knowledge.

2. Avoids you

A true Kamba woman who loves you will always be with you all the time. You will never find her neglecting your calls, texts or your invites. They are self-driven as they like yearning more on achieving their goals in a relationship. If she starts avoiding you, then know that there is a problem and you need to solve it fast. 

3. Quarrels you daily

Quarrels aren’t healthy to any relationship. A woman who loves you, gives you peaceful time whenever you’re together. Be careful and on the watch out whenever a Kamba woman starts making unnecessary quarrels with you. She may be unto something different that may cost your relationship.  The quarrel may also be a sign that she no longer needs your love.