Are you enjoying doing that job? Have you ever considered quit as one of your next options?

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Many Kenyans might be doing jobs they don't like but at the same time cannot dare quit due to fear of the unknown.

However, Forbes findings say successful people keep on changing from one job to another.

Today she/he is working in one of the big media houses in Kenya, tomorrow working on a family business, etc. One should consider changing job after three to five years.

Here are reasons outlined as to why these successful people are shifting from one job to another.

1. Overstaying in one job reduces your touch with the outside world

This means you will focus so much on getting a promotion within your organisation, focus much on what is happening with your industry while forgetting to know how the whole world is fairing on, you end up missing best chances. Successful people will go for the next job and not promotion, not unless the industry is growing very fast. 

2.  For new challenges

Getting a new job is getting new roles, new challenges thus new experience, for these reasons, people will quit that job you think is too lucrative.

3. To grow muscles that can negotiate for better pay

Moving from one job to another with 'Quit' as the reason and not 'fired' makes one bold enough to set big amount as his/her salary, they don't get intimidated by their bosses in salary negotiation.

4. Overstaying in one job kills your ideas

Doing the same thing day in day out means you will rarely think outside the box for new ideas. Successful people want to utilise their whole brain to come up with greater ideas.

5. To grow their reputation

This is simply the more organisations you work for, the more you build your reputation, and you don't have to introduce yourself.