Youths in Mogotio conducted citizen arrests as the community takes up the war on illicit brew.

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Seven men were arrested during the operation.

According to residents, the seven suspects were allegedly nabbed with chang'aa during a sting operation in Bebogoi village.

The youths received back up from Nyumba Kumi officials as well as area assistant chief.

The arrests came a few days after the local community, led by Lembus council of elders and Mogotio Muslim community, held a protest in the area over increased illegal brews.

Women lamented that men had abandoned their bedroom duties.

"Women in this area now have a reason to smile. The fight against brew has begun. Nyumba Kumi youths and chiefs vowed to fight with the seriousness it deserves," a resident said.

The suspects were taken to Mogotio police station and will be arraigned before Eldamaravine Law courts.

Residents have been accusing the police of abetting the illegal drinks by turning liqour dens into cash cows where bribes are received.