West Mugirango Member of Parliament Vincent Kemosi has warned security offices of dire consequences over what he termed laxity in discharging their duties of securing the public.

The youthful MP said the police in his constituency are sitting on their job and leaving the residents, who they are mandated to protect at the mercy of criminals who are terrorizing them.

He said that a number of residents have been killed in the recent past and their deaths are yet to be resolved even when the perpetrators are known to the public.

Kemosi threatened to ensure that the senior police officers are transferred and those willing to work for the people brought.He said if they are not transferred, he was ready to resign as an MP.

“We cannot sit down and watch our people being killed by people well known and the police literary sleep on their jobs, Its either they go or I go so long as our people are peaceful. But before I go, these senior police officers who are idling around should be transferred and those ready to work are brought in," he said.

The first time MP pointed out some recent killings where a school girl was killed and her body found dumped in a tea plantation two weeks later. 

The suspected killer is yet to be arrested and enjoying freedom. Another middle aged man was found dead along the road a month ago in Township ward with neck stabs. No arrests have been made so far.

“Suspects of the killings are yet to be arrested and they are walking freely around. What kind of investigations are they doing, do they need any rocket science in order to apprehend the perpetrators?” posed the MP.

“For justice to be done to the deceased and their families, their killers must be arrested or else it will be business unusual," he added.