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3 fears that stop you from being successful

Kipchirchir Rop
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The fear of failure can sometimes cripple someone [Source/]

Fear is an intrinsic need that drives most people in their pursuit of success. 

Some people fear failure so much that it drives them to be successful in life, while others may be crippled by fear. 

Here are three fears that stop the latter from being successful: 

1 You are scared you won’t be enough 

The society has continuously driven the agenda of perfection into people’s minds. 

It expects nothing but the best from people from an early age. 

This can lead to fear of not being good enough in life, which can be detrimental to success. 

2. You fear to fail 

One of the greatest examples of people who were not afraid of failing was Thomas Edison. 

He tried a thousand times before coming up with the light bulb. 

However, if you expect to succeed every time you try something, and that expectation is too strong, you may not try at all.

You must learn to embrace the fear of failing as a part of the learning process. 

 3. You don’t know how to do it 

Nobody was born knowing anything. 

Everything takes time to learn and perfect it as time goes by. 

It is a known maxim that you don’t say you don’t know anything in life. 

If you are asked about something, say you do know and learn about it or find someone who knows about it.


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