Newborns or infants have a very sensitive immune system that can really frustrate you as a mother seeking treatment. For instance, once the baby contracts a cold, flu or gets into contact with allergens, the result is a blocked or stuffed nose. Kids really go through a lot of difficulty breathing when stuffed as well as sudden coughing. This might also make the baby to lose appetite.

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Here's what to do to a baby with a stuffed nose;

1. Keep the baby hydrated

Keeping your baby hydrated thins mucus. A sick child might be reluctant to take solid foods, try giving them fluids such as water, milk, smoothies or any other liquid which is healthy for them. These fluids can reduce the nose congestion in addition to soothing the baby's sore throat.

2. Putting saline drops into each nostril

Breathing with a blocked nose can be very traumatizing. According to Dr. Cardiello, to loosen and make the mucus thin, few drops of saline using a syringe will work well when added into the nostrils. Place in each nostril, give your baby time to relax and afterward extract both the mucus and the saline solution from the baby's nose. This will make your children a bit more comfortable.

3. Keep your baby in an upright position

Allowing your baby to sleep or rest while lying down only worsens the situation. However, elevating your baby's upper body by placing either a pillow or a towel helps to reduce the stuffiness in the nose hence helping the baby to breathe comfortably.