A research conducted by Dr Filemón Alvarado and Dr Edgardo Morales at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, department of psychology found that men who marry plus-size women are always happier.

According to the study, men who date chubby women are more likely to live long because happiness is an ingredient to long life.

The findings of the research published by the Daily Times claim that plump women are better at anticipating their men's need, and therefore know what to do, and how best to do it for their partners.

Secondly, plus-size women were found to be less aggressive and more affectionate in a relationship.

Thirdly, the study found that most chubby women openly share their concern, which makes them more involving, hence, a happy relationship.

Comparing chubby women to their slim counterparts, the research claimed that the latter was more unfriendly, reserved, and less expressive.

From the characteristics named above, slim ladies were found to be a little bit difficult to deal with as compared to well-rounded ladies.

The findings of the research explained above led the researchers to arrive at the conclusions that men who marry plump women have the possibility of being ten times happier than those who marry slim women.

The study is a major relief for plump-size women since most of them are always despised for their looks and are often considered lazy.