Akothee is Kibera’s favourite female musician who also doubles up as a business lady. She uses her social media pages for various reasons which include giving free advice to people.

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On Thursday, she took to her Instagram wall to congratulate an Instagram user by the name of moshey001 for giving advice on her behalf. She posted a screenshot of his wonderful piece of advice and captioned it:

“This are the kind of people, followers who come online with a positive attitude because they know the difference between living for social media and life after social media @moshey001 thank you for giving advice on my behalf 🤣😂🤣 mimi watu kama hawa huwazika na ngeli sentesi mmoja ya KU—MA 🤣😂 @moshey001 for holiday after reading deep into his comments, chagueni apelekwe wapi?”

Moshey’s advice to other Instagram users who wrongly criticizes people touched her heart to an extent of promising him a holiday.  However, she asked for help in choosing a good place that Moshey will be taken. 

If she is not advising people, she will be dealing with her critics or posting things that happen in her life, and that all she is best known for on social media.

She has always asked people who don't like what she does to block her since they can't change her.