Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has weighed in on the impeachment by the Senate of Ferdinand Waititu.

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Speaking on Sunday night on the 'Punchline' programme, Mr Kabogo denied that he had anything to do with the removal from power of his successor.

According to Kabogo, Waititu has no one but himself for being impeached. 

He went on to say that he had made a conscious decision not to interfere in Kiambu county's politics.

"I had no hand in Waititu's impeachment. The guy fixed himself. I moved on and went out of my way to stay out of Kiambu politics, " William Kabogo said.

Ferdinand Waititu was impeached last week on 3 counts that saw 27 senators vote in favour of impeachment on the first count and 28 vote in favour of impeachment on the second and third counts.

Waititu has long denied the grounds on which the impeachment motion was brought to the Senate, claiming that the quest to remove him from his position was politically motivated.

Following the impeachment, his deputy James Nyoro was sworn in at the administration headquarters, bringing to an end Waititu's spirited battle to clear his name.

His fate, according to legal experts, lies with the courts, which could reverse his impeachment.