Opposition activist Miguna Miguna is currently considered the biggest critic of the ruling Jubilee government after opposition leader Raila Odinga pledged allegiance to the President.

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Consequently, he has been repeatedly criticizing President Uhuru Kenyatta's leadership from Canada where he was deported to early last year, taking the image of an opposition chief.

This, as always, comes with some sort of following, one that Miguna seems to be enjoying in terms of Twitter followers and his self proclaimed online lieutenants.

However, the group is openly fooling the self-proclaimed General, and some have been seen claiming to be ready for the political revolution he has been advocating for.

It's worth noting that until now, its only Raila who has demonstrated the ability to rally millions of Kenyans for such purposes, unlike Miguna who enjoys close to no support in the real sense.

Raila on Uhuru's side, any chances of any major political movements are close to zero, rendering Miguna a simple noisemaker who cannot make any changes as things stand now.

Therefore, the people telling him that they are ready to back his moves are only fooling him, considering that most are actually the supporters of Raila, Uhuru and DP William Ruto.

They are also well aware that he cannot be allowed into the country and are only cheering him with the intention of getting more attacks from him.

If they at all supported him, they would have shown up when he made his first return attempt in March last year.

Instead, no one showed up to support him as was the case when Raila returned from America in late 2017 and when Uhuru and Ruto returned from the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague, Netherlands.