Alaa Salah, an Engineering and Architecture student at the University of Khartoum, has since suspended her Twitter account days after the ouster of President Omar Al-Bashir after 30 years in charge.

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Throughout the protests which started in December last year, Alaa has been a key figure, and on Thursday, she insisted that the military Council ought to hand over power to the civilians.

In an interview with the Guardian, she said, “I’m very glad that my photo let people around the world know about the revolution in Sudan… Since the beginning of the uprising I have been going out every day and participating in the demonstrations because my parents raised me to love our home.”

And since the ouster, her personal Twitter account, gained over 35,000 followers within few days since she had created it in April at the peak of the revolution. She was following only four people and had 47 tweets before suspending it.

While it's not clear why the young revolutionary woman decided to have the Twitter account suspended, she had however expressed fears that some people with sinister motives were trailing her.

“I will not bow down. My voice can not be suppressed,” according to a tweet on her account, adding that she would hold Bashir responsible “if anything happens to me," she added.

Photos of Alaa Salah went viral on social media when she emerged mobilising thousands in patriotic protects that featured songs and dances. Even after Omar Al-Bashir stepped down, she insisted that military hands over powers to civilians.

On Monday, African Union gave troubled Sudan 15 days to hand over power to civilians failure to which, it will remain suspended from the union which has a membership of 55 countries.