Kenyan socialite turned business lady Huddah Monroe has finally addressed the negative energy between her and her one-time good friend Zari Hassan. 

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Huddah, who has not been in good terms with Zari, stated that she did not hold any grudge against the Ugandan socialite, adding that she really misses their old times as friends. 

Speaking in an interview,  the Kenyan socialite said the rift between her and Zari was brought about by claims that she(Huddah) slept with Diamond Platinumz behind the latter's back. 

''Me and Zari we were very close (sic). We were very good friends, were used to talk about issues personal. Sometimes I still miss her as my friend, because she used to confide in me and I would have exposed her stuff online if I wanted. I have not because she was a very good friend,'' Huddah stated. 

She also spoke against claims that she slept with Diamond, adding they were just friends having known each other from way back, even before Zari got in the picture. 

''I feel like she is still a good friend because I don't have a grudge with her and I feel even her deep down doesn't hold any grudges against me. We just fell apart because people were talking too much. Some claimed Huddah had this thing with Diamond, which was a lie. Me and Diamond met even before he met with Zari so that was just some crazy story(sic),'' she added. 

Huddah's revelation, however, contradicted her previous confession in which she openly admitted to having slept with the singer. Her confession ached Zari who was once her good friend. The two socialites were so close they even hosted a number of parties together, both in Kenya and in Tanzania.