Moi University medical student who was murdered in cold blood by alleged lover Neftali Kinuthia was laid to rest in peace at her rural home in Nyeri County on Thursday.

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Like it was expected, the funeral service and the eulogies were very emotional. Several people who had a chance to eulogize the 6th-year medical student could hardly finish their speeches before breaking into tears.

One of the relatives who had a chance to eulogize was Ivy Wangeci's grandmother.

Identified as Shoshi Beatrice Wangeci, old grandma had very few words for the killer, Mr Kinuthia.

Mrs Beatrice said she had no questions for the killer, but the highest God will have plenty of questions why the young man killed one of his creations.

She went further to say she had forgiven Kinuthia for what she did to her granddaughter.

“I have forgiven, in the Lord, the person that did this to you as I can’t ask him a question but God who sees everything will ask him the questions," she said as quoted by Kiss 100.

God-fearing grandma also prayed for Ivy to find comfort wherever she will be until the last moment when they will be reunited again...

“My prayer is that God will give my granddaughter Tesh an eternal rest and may she rest in Abraham’s chest where He keeps His loved ones until that time when all shall rise and we shall meet again," she concluded.

Wangeci was killed in Eldoret town.