We are entering a festive season where many individuals will be traveling to different places some from cities to villages while others from villages to cities via road transport.

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In the recent past, we have witnessed many road accidents during this festive season. In October NTSA  report showed that compared to 2018, there was a 16% increase in the number of accidents in 2019. 

The report further indicated that a good number of these accidents are caused by private vehicles and motorcycles adding that matatu accidents have greatly reduced.

This should, of course, be something to worry about especially since we are entering the festive season. But what can we do in case we are involved in an accident? 

If you were driving the vehicle, the first thing you should do is to check if you have any injuries then relax to avoid causing panic in the passengers. I f you are sure you are okay, find out if the passengers are okay. In case there are casualties, you could call the police. Never run away from the scene.

If you were a passenger, first, relax and calm down to avoid causing panic to other passengers. Then, remain in a position, you are if you are injured and await help. Be sensitive to the feeling in your body even if there are no physical injuries. If you are okay, or in a good position, call the police.

Also, you could examine the injuries of other causalities without moving them. When out of the vehicle, move away from the scene in case of firebacks.

In case you witness an accident or you were passing by and found an accident scene before you approach the scene, you should be careful. You can call police officers and give them the exact location and direction. Don't move any victims to avoid causing more injuries.