A Nakuru-based politician, Erick Ogada has weighed in on the ongoing debate whether the health sector should be managed by national government or counties.

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Ogada who in 2017 unsuccessfully contested the Nakuru Town West parliamentary seat says the health sector was prematurely devolved hence the crisis facing counties in managing the same.

He is proposing that the national government manages all the level 4, 5 and 6 facilities in the country so that the crisis surrounding the management of the facilities can be addressed.  

According to the politician, counties should only manage tier three and below facilities which are close to the electorate.

He says this will also address corruption issues surrounding the sector in counties.

“Health sector has been costly corrupt and it is time the national government retains the Level Four, Five and Six facilities,” said Ogada on Saturday in Nakuru.

Ogada who is now eyeing the Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat under the newly-formed United Green Movement Party also hit out at the government on matters devolution.

He held that the national government has shown no goodwill in ensuring that devolution succeeds.

This, he attributes to the delays in channelling funds from the National government to the counties.

“Let the National government have goodwill towards devolution. They should not just speak about supporting devolution but on the other end they delay the funds,” added Ogada.