Life presents us with endless challenges. You have to learn how to deal with the obstacles that come your way. Many people break down whenever they are poor. 

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Poverty provides us with a chance to learn different things in life for the better of tomorrow. 

Here are five lessons you learn from being broke;

1. Live below your means

 Living below your means is one of the first steps to take if you want to be successful. There is no way you will make it in life if you spend more than what you earn. Ensure your income is higher than your expenditure.

2. Save

People become broke because they never saved. Embark on the journey of keeping the little you make in life. Save as much as you can to secure your future. The more you are going to save, the better your life will become.

3. Learn to take risks

Success is not easy. Be prepared to take risks. Risk takers often find themselves successful. Take different forms of threats at varying levels of life. 

4. The world has endless opportunities

You have opportunities all over daily. Take advantage of the same. Never let a single opportunity slip out of your hand if you dream big in life. The chances that come your way will make you rise above the skies.

5. Always look for ways to improve the situation

Think of ways to better your life. Do not accept small things in the quest for happiness. Also, remember to stand up even at the lowest moment of your life. Never be discouraged in life