Operations at St.Teresa Hospital in Kikuyu were on Wednesday brought to a standstill after protests rocked the facility following the death of a woman.

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This followed the death of Hellen Wanjiru who reportedly died in mysterious circumstances while giving birth. Friends and family members stormed the health facility blaming the staff of negligence which led to the Wanjiru's death.

It is reported that the 32-year-old woman had been taken to the facility after developing some complications. It is that the facility where the family was informed by medics that a Caesarean section was necessary only for Wanjiru to die on the operating table.

"She appeared unwell and was bleeding but the medical personnel appeared unbothered," a relative said.

According to the family, the hospital did not tell them about Wanjiru's death. It is only after a family member, who is a medic at a Kiambu hospital, travelled to the facility and forced her way into the theatre that they discovered Wanjiru was dead.

The hospital has is also alleged to have blocked their access to the facility and disallowed a pathologist to conduct a postmortem on the bodies of Wanjiru and that of her baby.

Police have launched a manhunt for a doctor who conducted the botched caesarean section. Two hospital staff have already been arrested in connection with the death.