Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has said she is ready to have the county government dissolved for fresh elections due to frustrations from Members of County Assembly (MCAs).

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Speaking at the Africa Inland Church in Mwingi town on Sunday, Ngilu said she would rather have the county government dissolved and fresh elections conducted than yield to MCAs' selfish demands.

The first-term governor said Kitui MCAs have refused to approve the county's supplementary budget after she blocked their demands for luxury trips and retreats using taxpayers' money.

Ngilu also accused the MCAs of opposing every development project her government is initiating.

"The MCAs have refused to pass the supplementary budget because I insisted on putting 80 percent of the funds under community-based projects," Ngilu said.

She faulted the MCAs for approving a motion to have the county's Finance Minister Mary Nguli impeached.

The governor termed the impeachment motion as malicious and meant to derail the county's development.

Ngilu accused the county legislators of playing politics with county development affairs.

She blamed the Kitui Speaker George Ndotto of refusing to intervene and call MCAs to order.

Ngilu claimed that the MCAs have been 'fighting' her since she took office in 2017.

She, however, vowed to stand firm as governor and push for the interests of Kitui people.

Last month, Ngilu called on Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka to intervene and compel the MCAs to pass the budget.

Kitui MCAs have vowed not to approve the supplementary budget.

The MCAs want a breakdown on how the county executive has been utilizing the previous budgets.