Former University of Nairobi student leader Zack Kinuthia has added his voice on the debate triggered by Kenya Film and Classification Board CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua on the youth unemployment. 

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Kinuthia challenged Mutua and other leaders to do more in solving the unemployment menace other than asking youths to focus on creating self-employment avenues.

The former SONU leader though a fiery post on Facebook Tuesday also roped in Public Service, Youth and Gender CS Prof Margaret Kobia over similar sentiments. 

He said such statements coming from leaders who should be creating employment positions in government is an abuse. learned but jobless Kenyan youths.

"The last time I got agitated by the elite insensitivity on this matter, was when the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Youth Affairs Prof. Margaret Kobia spoke while in Kisii of the same," he sated.

He added: "It is wrong to DERIDE the Youthful Graduates. It is near impossible to create employment in Kenya after school. It is virtually impossible. If it was possible, it would be possible."

Kinuthia, a political analyst, maintained that if anything, "graduates must continue seeking, and not creating employment," while the government should be their first employer.

He asked Mutua to resign after being in the public service for a while and create employment opportunities for youths though a private venture.

"I am asking Ezekiel Mutua to resign and go create employment..If he can't, let him eat in peace and silence, the fruits of good connections that are the only guarantee to get employed in governmen concluded his post.