You have certainly heard about the Imenti House saga that has ballooned the Kenyan internet clouds in the last few days. 

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In fact, almost everyone has watched the video where a man is pumping himself into a woman in what appears to be a dress store (watch your language!). 

Okay, for starters who are just returning from Canada, the video has been doing rounds on social media with many claiming that it was shot at Imenti House.

What is more, the discourse has been that it is the new dairy cow in Nairobi: a trade where unsatisfied women frequent the premises for minutes of pleasure from young and energetic men whose JD's otherwise state something like an 8-5 jail term between sheets of fabric trying to convince unwilling and sometimes moody Nairobians to part with their money. 

Ignore the digression. Nairobi is straight. 

But ignore the rumor too. 

The much-hyped saga is a saga itself as a close dig in the history of the video shows that it was not recorded last week as purported. Not even last month. 

Neither does the video originate from Kenya. 

The clip first appeared on social media early this year as a leak from a porn site. 

What appears as a sales store is all, therefore, a staged thing supposed to be digging up dollars in the bulk of millions on an XX site. 

Sadly for those tagging it with Imenti House, the shooting was done in America, that land miles across the Atlantic! 

So if you have been missing sleep because of the hullabaloo, it is time you got new bedsheets and claimed your sleeping bonus.