A former house help to a city businessman on Wednesday revealed how her boss allegedly rewarded her handsomely for giving him excellent sexual services.

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Ruth Khaecha revealed that the incident took place at Mr Paul Kanyi Mwangi's house in Balozi Estate in Muthaiga North on January 15, after the two of them engaged in intercourse.

She was giving her side of the story before Makadara Chief Magistrate Heston Heston Nyaga, in a case where Mr Kanyi is accusing her of stealing Sh1.3 million from him.

 She said that on a material day, the boss gave her the money as a reward for her good job, after calling her to his bedroom to help him arrange envelopes.

“It was not the first time Kanyi and I were having sex. This time around, I decided to give him excellent service, knowing too well the reward he will offer me will be life-changing for my children and I. When we were done having sex, he placed Ksh800, 000 on my breasts,” she told the court.

However, Mr Kanyi dismissed the claims, saying that Ms Khaecha stole the money, and he realized it after the watchman called to tell him that she had left.

“I rushed home, searched where I had kept my money, and found it was missing. Khaecha was nowhere to be seen, and my phone calls to her weren’t going through,” he said.

Ms Khaecha claimed that she was shocked after Mr Kanyi traced her to her home in Kakamega, where he had her arrested.

She said that at the time, she only had Sh70,000 of the sum remaining, adding that she left Mr Kanyi's house after his wife began suspecting that something was going on between them.