Two people among them a class eight pupil at Winjo Primary were on Sunday killed in a grisly hippo attack at Nyankondo Beach in Muhuru Bay.

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According to Nyankondo Beach Management unit chairman Jared Songora, the three, a 61-year-old man, a 40-year-old and 19-year-old man had gone on a fishing expedition in Lake Victoria at night when the hippo attacked.

"I was about to close the office when I heard loud screams and rushed to the scene where I found out that the hippo had turned over the boat and struck killing the two. I alerted the neighbours who hurried and rescued only one from the attack who swam to the shore." Songora said.

The fishermen complained of hippos straying into their farms and destroying their crops yet the County government have failed to address the issue despite their numerous complaints.

"I have a huge chunk of land but I cannot cultivate it because hippos always destroy my crops whenever I plant them," said Benter Akech, a local resident.

The local fishermen also expressed a security concern saying it was hard to carry on with their trade during breeding season as the hippos become hostile.

"We have lost nine fishermen as a result of hippo attack since the year began and the number may increase if urgent measures are not taken to address the situation," said George Sawe, a fisherman.

Muhuru Bay MCA Hevrone Maira threatened to mobilize the residents in hunting down the marauding hippos if the government fails to act in time. 

"If the hippos are not confined by Kenya Wild Life then we are likely to take matters into our hands and kill the hippos," said Maira.

The bodies have been transferred to Migori Level 5 Hospital mortuary for post-mo-term