President Uhuru Kenyatta’s appointment of Ms Mwende Mwinzi as Kenya’s envoy to South Korea remains a mystery several months down the line. 

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This is after it emerged that she is yet to confirm whether she renounced her dual citizenship before taking over the job.

Members of Parliament on Tuesday sought to know whether Mwende was allowed to take over the job after the details of her US Citizenship emerged.

 Speaker Justin Muturi ordered the House Committee on Implementation to contact her on the matter after Endebess MP Robert Pukose said she flouted the laws of the house to assume in her new position. 

The Defence and Foreign Relations Committee has refused to allow Mwende to take up the job after she was vetted in the Month of June but it remains unclear whether she assumed the post or not. Parliament unanimously agreed that the nominee renounces US citizenship before she can assume her new role in the government.

 The house said that the nominee was bound to be denied the offer if she insisted that she was not going to denounce the citizenship. Muturi said that the matter is of national interest, adding that there is need for a follow up on the same to ensure the public is aware of what transpired after the house issued a directive to Mwende.

“This is a serious matter that involves ethics. It’s a matter that has been pronounced by the High Court and the Court of Appeal and the decision stands. Any person who violates this may face criminal proceedings for violating the law,” Mr Muturi said, as quoted by Daily Nation.