A 30-year-old man has been nabbed for locking up a school girl in his house in Kangundo, Machakos County.

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Kyevaluki assistant chief Scholastica Mweu said the suspect was ejected from his house where he was hiding the 13-year-old minor within the sub location on Friday.

Mweu said the man is held at Kangundo police station.

"I was called while in a funeral and told about the man who had been hiding the girl in his house for two days now," Mweu said.

She addressed the press in Kangundo on Saturday.

Mweu said the suspect had been hiding the girl since Wednesday.

She said the girl was supposed to report to class eight at Kamwanyani primary school but she didn't.

Mweu said she alerted the police who arrested the culprit after she was tipped off by members of the public that the man had locked the girl inside the house.

"I liaised with the police who took the suspect and booked him at Kangundo police station," Mweu said. 

She said medical examinations on the girl are ongoing to determine whether she had been defiled or not.

"The girl is being examined at Kangundo Level 4 Hospital to determine whether she was defiled," she said.

Mweu said the girl had quarreled with her mother after she beat and injured her younger brother.

"She injured her brother and ran away but came back later," Mweu said.

She said the girl eloped from home after her mother told her to return where she had come from. 

"After knocking, her mum told her to go back where she came from and that's when she went to the suspect's home," added she.

 Mweu said it's not the first time the girl eloped from home.

She said the suspect is well known to her since he is her father's friend.