Renowned lawyer and socio-political commentator Kipchumba Karori has weighed in on the Likoni freak accident that claimed the lives of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu.

Speaking on KTN, Sunday, Karori appeared to take issue with those who filmed the incident.

According to him, the better course of action would have been to work towards efforts that would have seen the two victims saved before the car they were in sunk in the Likoni Channel waters.

"As a people because we have a generation where somebody is sinking, somebody is busy videoing the person sinking. We had recently in the social media there was a lady who was dying and the lady was even asking why are you recording me instead of helping me... now this one around 7 minutes of videoing the lady," Karori said in a video tweeted by KTN. (1:02-1:20)

The video of the car going under after staying afloat for some minutes went viral, leaving the country in shock.

There are those who hailed those who took the video of the ill-fated car sinking while there are those who say that the best thing to have done was to see how to accord the two victims the help that they so desperately needed.