We get germs from clasping our friends and touching contaminated surfaces. Therefore, washing your hands is very important

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Before having a bite, ensure that you have disinfected your hands properly with a hand sanitizer. A number of infections like cholera are caused by unhygienic practices.

 Here are the diseases that can be prevented by washing your hands 

1. Giardiasis 

It is an infectious diarrheal disease brought about by the Giardia lamblia parasite. The parasite can easily gain entry into your body through drinking untreated water and eating foods with contaminated hands. Diarrhoea and cramps are the symptoms of the infection.

2. Shigellosis 

A form of dysentery caused by intestinal infection with Shigella bacteria. The bacteria are free-living and can be found on any surface. You can prevent this condition by washing your hands properly. 

3. Worm infestation

Intestinal parasites are usually caused by poor hygiene and sanitation. Fluke is a good example of a worm that we can contract as a result of not washing our hands. Once in the body, the flukes take a toll by damaging the liver. 

4. Hepatitis A

It is a liver infection that you can avoid by regularly washing your hands. The infection is caused by a specific virus.