Parenting is the most interesting thing that can either bring out the best or the worst. 

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It involves nurturing children physically, socially and emotionally. One can think that he/she is doing the right thing in raising the child but may be doing the worst. There are some of the simple things you can do to strengthen the relationship between him/her and the child.

Play together

Once you are a parent you must at one time be like a child. You will have to play with the dolls, teddy bears, chase each other and even play with the soil. This one tends to be awkward but it is actually the best thing to do with kids. They feel happy

Always listen to them

As much as you can be an adult and feel you are ever right, you can be wrong and your child can be right for once. Giving your child an ear means a lot. This will make a child to believe in himself and feel respected.

Hug them frequently

A hug means a lot not only to an adult but also the child because it expresses the feelings of love to your child. Hug your child when he/she is leaving for school and when coming back from school. This will make your child feel loved and more secure.

Create time for them

You can be busy the whole day at work and at home with the house hold chores but make sure you create some time for your child. Just ten minutes of your time cannot cost anything. Create some time to interact, play and tell stories.