For a marriage to work, the couple should always be keen on what they do. How a partner behaves in their marriage matters a lot. 

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Some actions can never be condoned in any marriage. As a result, acting in some specific manner will result in you sabotaging your marriage. 

Here are some of the behaviours that can destroy your marriage.

1. Nagging and complaining

Some partners make their significant others get bored and annoyed due to their behaviour of nagging and complaining all the time. Instead of being a nagging spouse, seek to always find the right time to address the problems you might be facing in the relationship.

2. Making your phone your top priority

When it comes to marriage, there are a lot of things that should be given priority other than your mobile phone. If you have the habit of always being glued to your phone, this might ruin your marriage. The main reason being that you’ll end up ignoring your partner as well as failing to accomplish your marital duties as you’ll be wasting a lot of time on your phone.

3. Refusing to communicate with your partner

For a marriage to be successful, there is always the need for clear communication between couples. Lack of communication will sabotage your marriage.